HVAC UV Light Installations

Where to Install UV Lights Within an HVAC System and What They Do

Consumers use ultraviolet (UV) light products to sanitize toothbrushes, sterilize water, and remove germs from surfaces. UV lights also can clean the air and keep your HVAC system efficient. Before purchasing any for your home, read how UV lights work and where to install them. What UV Lights in HVAC Systems Actually Do Homeowners can

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Reduce YOUR Carbon Footprint with These 5 Fixes

  As we look back at the global record breaking summer we just had, it’s impossible not to think of the ways in which our carbon emissions have affected our environment. While temperatures have never been higher, ecological awareness has never been greater. You can monitor and even reverse your carbon imprint by limiting certain

Replace Furnace Filter

5 Compelling Reasons to Replace Your Furnace Filter Before Winter

Winter presents one of the most challenging seasons for your house heating needs. You just can’t afford the risk of a furnace that is not heating your home optimally. All the components of your furnace have to be in top notch condition. The furnace air filter does not do the actual heating, but it is

Off Grid Heating and Cooling

Thinking About Going Off-Grid? Consider Your Home Comfort Options

  With rising awareness of environmental damages and individual carbon-footprints, many people are considering taking their home, or even life, ‘off grid’. This means that receiving power from the ‘grid’ or power companies is replaced with power producing techniques on a person’s own land. This can be done through a few different sources and usually

What is Ductless Heating & Cooling?

When people think about an HVAC system, the image that usually comes to mind is a furnace in the basement, or a heatpump on the roof or outside, and ductwork to guide all that air to the different parts of the house. They will also often think about how that system doesn’t heat and cool

Heat Pumps Explained

The heat pump is an efficient method of heating that moves heat from a cold area to a warmer area. When you first hear that it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. You’re probably asking yourself how you can get heat from a cold area? Let’s take a look at how the heat pump

What You Need to Know about Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide poisoning is not a proposition you can afford to take lightly. Exposure to excessive quantities of carbon monoxide will make you sick—and it can even put your life in danger under certain circumstances. Sources of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning We all breathe carbon monoxide from time to time, especially when we’re outdoors in the

Thinking of Financing Your New HVAC System? Here’s What to Expect

There is no way to avoid or sugarcoat it: purchasing and installing a new HVAC system will put a serious dent in your bank account. If you invest in a furnace, heat pump and/or air conditioner manufactured to meet the highest standards of energy-efficiency, in the long run you will save enough money to cover


Freezing Pipes? Tips and Tricks to Solve That!

During the winte, your pipes are in danger of freezing. There is plenty of things you can do to prevent this from happening, Tips and Tricks can only go so far! Call us today and we can make sure you wont have any unwanted HVAC issues this winter.


The Biggest Pitfalls to Avoid when Buying New HVAC Equipment

No matter how well-maintained they might be, furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps do have limited lifespans. If your HVAC equipment has worn out you know first-hand this is true. Before you purchase new HVAC equipment, however, you should be aware of the pitfalls that can trip you up and leave you singing the blues.