HVAC Construction Primer: How ACs Are Manufactured

Some technological advances that were once considered luxuries in life have now become necessities. Case in point: HVAC systems. No home or office space would be complete without the comfort they bring. As understanding its basic concepts is part of maintenance, home and business owners should take it one step further and familiarize themselves with

HVAC 101 for Pet Owners

Pets are wonderful to have around the home because they offer companionship and unconditional love. However, owning a pet is a big responsibility. Among the other things you need to keep in mind to keep them happy and healthy, you’ll also need to pay special attention to your heating and air conditioning system. Pet owners

Common Heating Problems We Can Fix

Heating systems are fairly easy to take for granted. Often, it’s when they finally succumb to problems and they finally break down that homeowners give them the attention they deserve. By then, you’ll have to suffer from the discomfort brought about by the lack of heat.

Create Home Improvement Budget

How to Create an Effective Home Improvement Budget for the New Year

With 2018 just a few days away, you might be thinking about how you can make improvements to your home in the new year. Home maintenance can certainly be expensive. However, with a home improvement budget, you can make sure that you stay on track cost-wise with any improvements or upgrades that you make to

Home Heating Myths

3 Home Heating Myths You Should Know

Who doesn’t like saving money on home heating bills during the winter months? When seeking out expert advice on how to save on energy costs, don’t get mixed up with the most common heating myths. These could actually be costing you more money, rather than helping cut down on heating costs. Keep reading to find

Pre Winter Home Improvement Projects

Your Pre-Winter Home Checklist

Now that fall has arrived the leaves are starting to change and it’s cooling down quite a bit in the Salt Lake City area. This is the perfect time to start getting your home ready for the winter before temperatures really start to drop. There are a variety of home improvement tasks you’ll want to

Dehumidifiers for Better Indoor Air Quality

All You Need to Know About Dehumidifiers

Did you know that most people in the USA spend about 80-90% of their time indoors? Much of that time is spent at home; therefore, it is important to consider the quality of your home’s indoor air. While air quality can suffer in a variety of ways, extra moisture is the air is a serious

replace my air conditioner

Should I Replace My Air Conditioner? 4 Warning Signs

As the summer heat continues to build and air conditioning units across the country are being put through their paces, now is the most important time to ask, “Should I replace my air conditioner?” While buying a new AC can be a very costly process, sometimes the need to replace your unit is more subtle

Eco Friendly Home Comfort

Eco Friendly Ways to Stay Comfortable This Spring

This spring and summer, you will be thinking about running around in the sprinklers, hitting the local pool, and making a splash at your local bloc party or BBQ cookoff. You don’t need to be bogged down thinking about your energy bill… until it arrives. Though air conditioners cost less to operate than heating systems

Home Organization Hacks

Home Organization Hacks That Will Save You Time and Money

There are many great reasons to keep your living space in good order, but did you know that keeping your home organized can also save you time and money? It’s true! We’ve compiled a great list of home organization hacks that will reduce clutter and excess spending. Money Saving Organizational Tips Don’t let your home